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Zero Error Migrations for Oracle EBS



The last thing you want is another major project on your "To-Do" list. Built upon over 100+ man years of experience in the E-Business Suite, Unitask Migration Director keeps you from another burdensome project with simplicity & ease.

Deployable for all versions ranging from early versions of 11.5 through the latest updates of R12, UMD is a transparent native application that installs in approximately two (2) hours, AND adheres to all NATIVE EBS PRACTICES!


The Worldwide Marketplace of today is a perpetual rolling competitive justification of Value & Benefit. Unitask Migration Director understands that demand for tangible gains in Investment Efficiency & Productivity by:

  • Requiring NO Additional Hardware or Upgrades
  • Delivering a Financial ROI of six (6) months or less
  • Transparent Integration to Existing Assets such as ALM & VCS systems.
  • Accommodating UNLIMITED Developers & Database Personnel
  • Deployments on an ala-carte or Corporate license basis

Migration Director eliminates the burden of manual, labor intensive changes associated with Oracle EBS AND does it in record time WITH the assets you already OWN.

Unitask - "Do More - Pay Less!"


"The AOL Object migration that took 15 hours each week, now takes 20 minutes using Migration Director."

- Marvell Technology Group


Stop the "Rip & Replace" syndrome. Unitask Migration is designed to work the way YOU want to - not the way a vendor wants you to.

Designed to take full advantage of the Industries Best of Breed solutions, Migration Director is not only tested and compatible with all supported versions of EBS, but further seamlessly integrates with leading ALM and VCS solutions including:

  • CVS
  • GIT
  • PVCS
  • SVN
  • TFS
  • Serena Dimensions
  • ServiceNow

So why replace the extensive Workflows, Approval Process' and Governance Practices that have been finely tuned for your business? Automate, Enhance & Extend that Investment even further with Unitask Migration Director Automation.


When it comes to Compatibility, Unitask Migration Director integrates to YOUR People, Process & Preferences. Built on decades of Domain Expertise, Unitask Migration Director remains responsive to YOUR Company's:

  • All Version of Oracle EBS from 11.5 through R12.X
  • Industry Leading VCS systems such as PVCS, SVN & others
  • Premise Based or Hosted Environments
  • Single Tier or Multi Tier Deployments
  • Seamless integration to Change Request Systems
  • Automatic Documentation & Notification of Changes

Unitask Migration Director ENHANCES People, Projects & Process.

So Really, Why Be Manual?


"We looked at Cost, Flexibility, Extensibility and Support Capabilities. Unitask & Migration Director Met all Those Requirements While Providing A Controlled, Reliable and Repeatable Method for Moving Changes Within Our Oracle E-Business Suite Environment."

- Robert Degeeter

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